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03:03 I think I could finish that crappy first draft of my syn today/tomorrow. Still no real placeholder for you though. # 03:04 @JackieKessler It will come back. ‘Cause I Said So! *g* Didn’t work on @nettisue’s kids, but maybe it’ll work on your plot. # 04:58 @JackieKessler Fix it later. Just write! # 04:59 […]

09:45 All families are dysfunctional in their own way. # 10:30 Out to dinner. The synopsis has picked up again, and I might well finish it this year, giving me a month to revise it before I start. # 14:02 Funny! # 14:02 @CharleneTeglia If you did, just make it part of the story. […]

02:02 Good morning Twitters! # 10:01 @JackieKessler You go Jackie! # 13:07 @JackieKessler Go go go! The Nagging starts tomorrow! *g* # 16:07 Wheeeeee! I won about 50 ringgit — or about 15USD — off my brothers and nephews. About 75% return. #

00:57 Heading out in a bit for breakfast. AND COFFEE!!! Sez she who does not drink instant. # 13:10 My head hurts. Not from coffee, sadly. Should I have Baileys or painkillers? # 14:30 Way hot. I succumbed to Baileys. I shouldn’t have but I did. # 16:44 @StaciaKane We’re all weird in our own […]

Wyrding Studios is one of my absolute favorite jewelry websites on the net. I’m not buying anything, but I’ve already bought too much this year. 😉 Clicky here for the goodness!

10:18 Did not buy a damn thing despite being out shopping the entire freaking day. #

00:29 *yawn* Merry *yawn* Christmas *yawn* everybody! *yawn* # 15:03 Should be hitting the books right about now but I’m just so tired! #