My Take on Maki’s Carrot-Sesame Salad


You can find her recipe here.

I do a couple of things differently. I’ve never tried using dashi/kombu powder in it — though I add a hint of the sea with fish sauce instead — and definitely no parsley (don’t like it).

When I have tahini in the house, I really do like to use it instead of the sesame oil. It adds a little more substance to the salad, and a little more oomph. You could probably use peanut butter too, but I’m not a peanut butter person and never have it in the house.

If I’m making it in the morning and don’t have the time to squeeze a lemon, or don’t happen to have any citrus fruit in the house, I use apple cider vinegar for the acid component.

And finally, I like to add fruit. Green apples are my usual addition (I always have apples because I always feel like I should have fruit in the house but I don’t generally eat apples out of the hand), but I bet it would be good with unripe mango, partially ripe pineapple or guava too.


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