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19:33 Retweeting @pkedrosky: at nassim taleb’s recommendation, just joined the "let’s make bankers accountable" facebook group # 19:51 Off to take a shower, then out for the night. # Advertisements

13:56 @CharleneTeglia This statement needs elucidating. ‘Splain please. # 14:31 Shower, and then I’m out the house to Starbucks. Need coffee to work. # 15:29 @CharleneTeglia Ah. I didn’t know that. Back home, hockey is played on fake grass. LOL. # 18:00 @wyvernfriend Ah. That makes sense–my mama tried to teach me to knit, but […]

07:24 @nettisue Oh okay! Yeah, I agree that the stalking one was freaky. I was thinking that I had made a mistake LOL. # 07:59 Eating chocolate in bed on a Wednesday morning. Life is good. # 08:38 I question whether my synopsis is actually a synopsis. # 09:04 RT@secrettweet:14395My coworkers r really mean-hearted, even […]

07:47 Retweeting @justinemusk: "Talent is helpful in writing, but guts are absolutely essential." — Jessamyn West # 08:52 @PortiaDaCosta Not that I need to follow more people, but you know, thanks! # 09:38 I can’t believe that I’m having a conversation with @nadialee about her hamsters’ sex life. # 09:41 Rice Crispies for breakfast! # […]

05:14 @joelysue For some reason, I read that as final, and was like, huh? # 05:15 @CharleneTeglia Enjoy that. I’ll be honest and say I don’t really get people who don’t get math. # 05:37 @CharleneTeglia Oh absolutely. # 05:47 @CharleneTeglia They’ll be better off than me then. I was scrabbling around trying to […]

06:15 RT @jayrosen_nyu: "You’ve been brought to my lab to prototype this metric we need to solve the news puzzle: dollars per fact. First prob … # 07:03 I am ever so pleased that I have finally managed to get rid of Outlook’s Business whatever manager. # 07:32 Lord. And this apparently isn’t the […]

07:34 @nettisue Yay! I’m using OutTwit in Outlook so I get all my tweets these days. 🙂 # 08:56 @TechCrunch Absolutely penguins. Pingu! # 09:01 @nadialee Because they are idiots. # 09:05 @nadialee Nope. Twitter is what I’m addicted to. # 09:05 @nadialee Why? It snows in winter. # 09:13 @nadialee Ah. It sleets a […]