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00:28 @JackieKessler Who is Steele? # 00:32 @JackieKessler He’s an idiot. Jindal’s not accepting money from the federal govt was STOOPID. # 00:42 @JackieKessler No, but an economist I read ripped what Jindal said to shreds & all I could think of was ‘and he was voted into power how?’ # 00:46 @JackieKessler I won’t. […]

00:06 An airport? RT @BreakingNewsOn: ABC7 reports it was a small airport which crashed at Centennial Airport in Colorado; no injuries. # 00:11 @sarahparker Yep. # 00:12 @sarahparker And that RT I just did? Was corrected to say an aircraft instead of airport. # 01:15 @sarahparker The probability of that happening is so infinitesimal as […]

12:38 Is it just me or have there been lots of plane crashes lately? # 12:52 @sarahparker Especially when you get on a plane every couple of months. # 12:52 @sarahparker And dad gets on a few every month! # 13:42 Did I also mention that I was at transited through Schiphol just last month? […]

01:16 @sarahparker I was going to just set up FB for Adelene cheh, but then I just ran out of time! # 11:23 @sarahparker Yeah. That’s going to be the only way I can keep up with their lives. LOL. # 11:36 Off to my next lecture. # 16:16 @nettisue Me either. I blocked it. […]

15:53 @sarahparker 😦 # 17:10 @KateRothwell What’s an FLE? Also typo-hunting brain isn’t an amazing thing to have. <– has one. # 18:14 @KateRothwell Yikes. Look, it’s nearly over. You won’t ever have to look at this book again, after all. # 20:42 @sarahparker Good luck with that! We still haven’t gotten Adelene on Facebook […]

00:06 @nettisue So change the color scheme. 🙂 There’s a designer who did 2 years worth of knot freebies if you’re interested — love her work. # 00:08 @nettisue Nope. Not an ornaments person. Haven’t yet made my first biscornu either. # 00:11 @nettisue That finish I showed you? She’s the designer. You’re looking […]

00:57 @nettisue Yeah. Kinda. Use the notes thing. # 00:59 @nettisue You can’t legislate a change in culture, though I do think teenagers should start drinking in front of their parents. # 01:05 @nettisue That’s true. # 12:41 At the library for study date. Feeling virtuous. # 22:41 @StaciaKane Not at all. I was extremely […]