Girl Wonder Twitters Away

  • 14:21 @JackieKessler Yeah. This hellion’s coughing too. Electronic communications has cooties? #
  • 14:39 @JackieKessler Me too. And no Loving anybody to make coffee for me. Having a pity party with juice and raspberries. #
  • 15:07 @CharleneTeglia *takes a trip into the gutter* Oh the possibilities that could mean! #
  • 15:17 @nadialee I am a very good girl. #
  • 15:31 @nadialee I am a good girl in the world of Evil. In the world of good…I’m something else. #
  • 15:43 @PhilCoyne But does the rest of the world? *g* #
  • 15:47 @PhilCoyne Good response. #
  • 16:56 OMG Want this! ‘cept it doesn’t work with laptops. 😦 #
  • 18:52 I’ve been on the phone waaaaaaay too much this weekend. #
  • 19:45 @PortiaDaCosta What did you put in the bath water? LOL. Btw, I should be good to go for Sat, yay! #
  • 20:33 @JackieKessler I know writers like that. Cleaning = procrastination. #
  • 20:53 *snicker* @nadialee should read this. #
  • 23:40 @StaciaKane I used to do that. ‘cept here I have more cleaning to do and not enough equipment. #
  • 23:50 @JackieKessler De-mushify it, or I’ll do it for you! *hellion cracks the whip* #

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