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13:41 Dead tired. # Advertisements

01:08 I’m here. Just…OutTwit won’t work any more and i miss it. #

12:37 Twitterfox is still working but I don’t like it nearly as much as OutTwit. Mostly use it for posting links. # 21:42 Not sure that anybody being nicknamed Tiny Timmy should be in a powerful position of any kind. #

19:47 OutTwit has stopped working for some random reason. I shall be off-Twitter until it starts working again or I find some other app. #

02:52 @JackieKessler 😦 Is he alright? # 03:03 RT @pkedrosky: cool. Connecticut apparently has a double damages provision on withheld wages. we could end up paying AIG $340m in bonuses. # 03:05 @matociquala If they are going to migrate downstairs anyway, might as well be downstairs? # 03:05 Teeny handwriting is good for cheatsheets. Maybe […]

00:07 Up to cupcake number 3. Guess I’ll have to have number 4 for breakfast. # 00:10 @StaciaKane You should celebrate. Have a cupcake. Congrats! # 00:29 @CharleneTeglia I’m down to the last cupcake. I may have to make some more but I won’t have the time tomorrow. 😦 Or rather, today. # 00:38 @nettisue […]

00:07 @joelysue You have a long and monstrous childhood ahead of you. # 01:00 @joelysue Oh yikes. Why? # 01:55 @joelysue Oh. Think schools need to understand that kids don’t grow up as quickly as they did, say, a century ago. # 12:49 Pink is a fluffy cloud color, and some days, one is like […]