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18:36 How true. # 20:33 Humans are crazy. If you manage to spot some sort of pattern/cycle in human behaviour/the economy, you are crazy too. # 20:33 @makiwi I’m excited for you. I know I was excited to sign my first rental contract. # Advertisements

18:56 Making a chocolate souffle for myself. Yesterday it was pie. I need to go on a diet. # 19:17 Yum yum chocolate souffle. # 23:39 @PortiaDaCosta That’s why you need to come visit me. # 23:39 @nettisue Yup. And fairly low-fat too. #

14:18 @sarahparker Hey! We were/are supposed to chat this morning. 🙂 # 19:09 WTF? How come even my tart doughs turn into flaky pie dough? I wanted pate sablee damn it! # 22:01 @nettisue @nadialee I’m kinda here. I just need to sit my ass down and fix OutTwit. # 22:03 I have achieved one […]

15:30 Can you say frog? Made a mistake in my latest stitching project. 😛 BUT have socca for tea! #

16:41 There are 26 cards in my deck. Just need to figure out whether that’s enough. #