2009 Stitching


I’ve been working it out slowly in my head, though realistically, I’m only going to start in end-January after my exams are over.

I would like to stitch one square of Satin Stitch Mania each week (50 squares is about a year’s worth), but my first start will be my cousin’s wedding announcement. Probably end up stitching like one square every two weeks if I’m lucky, LOL. But I’ll rotate those two until the wedding announcment’s finished, before putting Jardin d’Jour, which I’ll absolutely finish next year, back into rotation.

Once that’s done and out of the way, I’ll get out Spanish Bleu and stitch that until I can no longer bear to see blue and green before picking out another start.

At this point, that’s likely to be RdS’s recent mystery sampler.

After that, the next start will be Hannah Westcombe (Heartbreak on Graziano, probably) or another piece for my Square Pattern inSanity — the reason why they are being bundled together is that both will be stitched over one. I don’t really want 2 over one WIPs in my rotation at the same time, because I know I stitch slower over one, and I’m one of those people who like to finish things. I might push Hannah Westcombe back, because it’s pretty big and maybe I’ll find a reproduction sampler I like better to start in 2010 (I’ll definitely start one in 2010 though).

Other things I’d like to finish next year include Ink Circles’s Kaleidoscope (I’m going to stitch on Vikki’s Ultra Violet linen, but just the outline and blackwork, so as best to showcase the stunning color) or Periphaeria’s current mystery. Both of them will be black silk on UV linen, and since I don’t yet have Kaleidoscope, I might put off getting it.

I also have at least 2 Long Dogs — Rosemarkie and something else — and I’d like to add one of them to my rotation that’s not yet a rotation LOL.

I also want to kit up Ink Circles’s Alchemical Romance in the next year — it’s actually the main reason why I decided to get the tags when I got them. I want to stitch the different symbols in colors that, to my mind at least, correspond to the meaning of the symbols.

Stash-wise, I’d like to kit up (some include getting the patterns) Di’s Amtrack, the Bargello bag in this month’s TGOS, Hannah Westcombe and IC’s Much-Heralded Sampler.

The likelihood of me adding Amtrack to my rotation once it’s all kitted up is very high (I have my heart set on the colors already — Heartbreak rather than 5300, Diane’s Rouge and probably the lightest Sue-Purple). I’d like to start the bag so I can give it to my mother, probably when I see her for Christmas (hopefully) next year, and in my fantasy writer’s head, I think the Much-Heralded Sampler will be a perfect companion to Alchemical Romance.

I’m going to keep an eye out for reproduction samplers and more patterns for Square Pattern inSanity too — I need one for the former (definitely a start in 2010) and 2 more for SPinS.

I also need to…de-stash, probably around Easter. I keep putting RdS’s Echiquier Moderne back and I think I’ve just about given up (maybe the Spanish Mystery Sampler will be third time lucky for me with RdS because I’ve never successfully started an RdS pattern). Sampler Cove’s Thriller will also go because I don’t really like the original colors (I got it purely because I like the verse), and I’ve not had any brainstorms on what I’m going to use instead.

My, that’s gotten way long. I’ll check back next year to see how it went.


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